Scott and I were tired, stressed, exhausted, and needed to lose a lot of weight. I was a huge sugar addict and weight was creeping up on me after delivering four kids. I was experiencing joint pain and I never felt rested when waking up in the morning. I had no energy to complete my tasks for the day. And a nap was almost always needed but never found time to take one. I hated how I looked in my clothes, and always felt uncomfortable taking pictures. I knew I needed to make a change but didn’t know which way to turn.
After a near-death experience on a roller coaster, Scott knew he desperately needed a change in his life. The roller coaster seat belt would barely close and he couldn’t breathe during the ride. He suffered from high blood pressure, acid reflux, high cholesterol, borderline diabetes, sleep apnea, planters fasciitis, got winded just walking across the room and his confidence was gone. Stress was at an all time high.


We had tried everything, multiple diets, hired a trainer and honestly we couldn’t stay committed to anything. Our habits were out of control. We could lose weight but we would always gain it all back plus some. Scott had cried out to the Lord and said God, if you will show me the plan for me, I will do it. We were desperate and were ready for freedom.

Thankfully Scott’s brother, Pat, had started a new program, had lost a lot of weight and was feeling healthier than ever. After four months of running in the opposite direction, we decided to give this plan a try. Scott felt like this was the plan God was sending to us. We are so proud to say, Scott lost 80 lbs and I lost 30 lbs! But we gained a lot of confidence, strength, discipline, and our health improved drastically!!! Thanks to losing weight, Scott’s blood pressure and cholesterol improved, he stopped snoring, no more sleep apnea, acid reflux improved, blood sugar normalized and he has more energy and confidence than ever. I love going shopping now, no more crying in the dressing room after trying on ten outfits and leaving with none.

The game changer was creating an easy, convenient lifestyle that was doable and provided structure to our eating habits. This was not a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle. We eat real food and fuel our body with healthy and delicious snacks every 3 hours. We drink a lot of water, we get 7 hrs of sleep every night and wake up refreshed, ready to do all that we have been assigned to do. Best of all we have created a Lifelong Transformation, one Healthy Habit at a time!

It didn’t stop there, we began sharing this gift because we saw the freedom it could provide for others. We love the gift of coaching others on their journey to health. If you are interested in creating a healthy lifestyle, and wonder if this might be a fit for you, please fill out our health assessment and we will set up a consultation to answer any questions, give you the details and get you started on your journey.