Scott and Kristi Schatzline live to see others walk in the full potential of who they are created to be! They are passionate pursuers of Christ, and they love people unconditionally. Both as pastors and health coaches, they have inspired thousands to live their BEST life and walk in full health: spirit, soul and body!


Scott & Kristi Schatzline are Alabama natives who have spent their entire adult lives ministering to others. After working for David Wilkerson Ministries in NYC, Scott and Kristi served as worship pastors for Scott’s father at Daystar for seven years. In 1998, Scott and Kristi were called to serve as worship pastors for Covenant Love Church in Fayetteville, NC. In the Summer of 2004, they returned home to Alabama. There they lead a beautiful, multicultural congregation at Daystar Family Church, where experiencing and sharing God’s love is the number one priority.


These high school sweethearts have been together over 30 years! Together they have 5 children, Ethan (Alejandra), Noah (Emily), Keithan (Danielle), Isaiah (Kelsie) and Destiny, as well as their grandchildren Nehemiah, Xander, Elijah, Elowyn, and Camila.

Over the years the stress of ministry life, combined with genetics, and generational unhealthy eating habits caused Scott & Kristi to battle with their weight and health. In 2016 Scott’s brother, Pat Schatzline, shared his health victory with them and inspired them to get healthy too. 


Together Scott & Kristi lost over 100 lbs and have continued their healthy life-style ever since. In alignment with their life’s mission of ministering to and helping others, Scott & Kristi became certified health coaches and have gone on to assist thousands of individuals in making and establishing a healthy lifestyle as well.

In 2020, after nearly 30 years of marriage & ministry; just as they were about to become empty nesters, tragedy hit and everything changed. On Father’s Day 2020, while at his daughter’s graduation party, Scott had a heart attack which resulted in his immediate death! He suffered both a widowmaker heart attack, as well as a SUDDEN DEATH CARDIAC ARREST (SCA).  BUT GOD!! After a neighbor performed CPR for OVER 20 minutes, the paramedics finally arrived at their remote location and were able to revive and stabilize him. Due to the prolonged time period that his brain was deprived of oxygen, Scott had a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Due to his TBI, he experienced extreme memory loss, as well as many other neurological deficiencies. He would spend the next month in the hospital and rehab center fighting for his life and relearning basic functions.

 Once he was home, Scott is a FIGHTER and he has valiantly pursued health and WHOLENESS on this journey. He has relearned basic things like walking, talking and everyday tasks. He continues to progress in recapturing his memories and his cognitive abilities. Kristi describes it this way: “It was as if his brain was this large filing cabinet, and the brain injury caused every file to fall on the floor. So now we’re slowly putting those files back into place where they belong. Every day, a new file goes back into place and something new clicks for him. It’s been so amazing to witness!”

With Kristi by his side each step of the way, they have overcome the odds and now dedicate themselves to inspiring others to never give up – even when you don’t know if you have it in you. In their best selling book, Punch Back, they inspire others through their story of faith & strength. “If you are still breathing, God has a purpose for you.” Scott encourages. The journey has been difficult and wearisome at times, but Kristi is quick to say “Suffering is a privilege. We will use our fight to strengthen others during theirs.”  


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